4th May 2016

People Can Now See Every Picture You’ve Ever Liked On Facebook

Scarily, stalking now got that bit easier as there is now a way to easily find out the history of all the photos you’ve ever liked […]
13th April 2016

5 Facebook tips for restaurants and bars.

For businesses today, social media is one of the most powerful ways for marketing, and with Facebook being the most popular with over a billion users, […]
10th April 2016

Instagram Marketing Tips For Restaurants

Food, and social media, occupies a huge place in people’s lives. Nowadays people always have their phone in their hand, documenting every aspect of their lives. […]
8th April 2016

Facebook’s new live video update for mobile with added reactions and filters.

Facebook is always introducing new ways to create, share and discover live videos, and with Facebook Live launching in February and the obvious positive reaction over the […]