How going social on Christmas Day will benefit your business

Great festive social media campaigns
1st December 2017
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How going social on Christmas Day will benefit your business


When it comes down to Christmas Day many businesses ignore their social media platforms because they don’t think anyone will be using them. They couldn’t be more wrong!

Gone are the days when the first thought of the day was to open presents with family and get that turkey in the oven. Instead, the main priority is logging into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat and posting a Happy Christmas message to friends and family.

As the day goes on and presents are eventually opened… people then head straight to social media to post images of their fancy new gifts and gadgets, especially when a new phone, laptop or tablet is involved. Not only that but I’ve lost count of the number of Christmas dinners I’ve seen being posted on Instagram and Facebook on the big day!


Social media is the first point of call for so many people and with extra money to spend after a bit of card opening, they want to spend it.

That’s where you come in…

The obvious thing for you to do is to post a Merry Christmas message across all your social platforms. Include a graphic or gif and not only will you improve brand loyalty amongst your social community but you’ll also showcase how proactive you are with your social media.

Of course, business is business and you need to take advantage of that. Create content around any offers or deals you have running, especially if it’s a special offer which starts on Boxing Day for example.

Another way you can promote that content is through Facebook advertising. With the volume of people logging into Facebook on Christmas Day, push your message out to those who don’t even like your page and you’ll bring even more custom to your door!

You might be thinking right now, I don’t have time to sit on Facebook all day creating content but fear not because there are several scheduling tools such as Hootsuite which allow you to schedule content before the festive period.

Do so, with a bit of fun and style and you’ll be well on your way to a very successful end to 2017!

Adam Woodhouse
Adam Woodhouse
Journalist working as an account manager and content curator for @87tangerines and @87food_SM.

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