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24th March 2015
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List of Twitter networking hours for UK business


You’ve all heard of business networking, right? Where you get an opportunity to put your business and brand in front of other like-minded business people. Twitter also offers this, but on a GARGANTUAN social media scale!

People, businesses and brands are using Twitter as a platform to network with each other by using specific hashtags on set days and times – just like real-life face-to-face networking – this is known as Twitter Networking.

All you do is use the said hashtag within your 140 character tweet and connect with others that are using the same hashtag, having a conversation and building up relationships.

There are literally thousands of these networking hours taking place every hour of every day. 87Tangerines have collected the best of the bunch of UK networking hours.

Regional and local hours


  • #SouthWestHour      2-3pm  – Networking hour for South West of England
  • #NorthWestHour      3-4pm  – Networking hour for South West of England
  • #CumbriaHour      7-8pm – Networking hour for the whole of Cumbria
  • #LondonHour     7:30-8:30pm –  Networking hour for London
  • #LeylandHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Leyland
  • #BlackburnHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Blackburn
  • #CheshireHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Cheshire
  • #ConnectingEssex     8-9pm – Networking hour for Essex
  • #HarrogateHour    8-9pm – Networking hour for Harrogate
  • #LincsHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Lincolnshire
  • #NorthEastHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for the North East
  • #PBoroHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Peterborough
  • #PrestonHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Preston
  • #StockportHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Stockport


  • #GlasgowBizHour     12-1pm – Networking hour for Glasgow
  • #NorthEastHour     2-3pm- Networking hour for the North East
  • #IpswichHour     4-5pm –  Networking hour for Ipswich
  • #GlasgowHour   7-8pm –  Networking hour for Glasgow
  • #AvYourSay      8-9pm – Networking hour for Amber Valley in Derbyshire
  • #CalderdaleHour    8-9pm – Networking hour for Calderdale
  • #ChorleyHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Chorley
  • #ChesterHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Chester
  • #DiscoverRipon      8-9pm – Networking hour for Ripon
  • #DoncasterHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Doncaster
  • #EYorksHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for businesses in East Yorkshire
  • #HampshireHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Hampshire
  • #MerseyBiz     8-9pm – Networking hour for Merseyside
  • #SheffieldHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Sheffield
  • #WestMidsHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for the West Midlands
  • #WetherbyHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Wetherby
  • #WyreFyldeHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Wyre & Flyde
  • #WiltshireHour      8:30-9:30pm – Networking hour for Wiltshire
  • #KentHour 8:30-9:30pm – Networking hour for Kent
  • #SouthEastHour      8:30-9:30pm – Networking hour for businesses in the South East
  • #BathHour     9-10pm – Networking hour for Bath


  • #EssexHour      2-3pm – Networking hour for Essex
  • #NewcastleHour     2-3pm –  Networking hour for Newcastle
  • #CoDurhamHour     2-3pm –  Networking hour for County Durham
  • #LincolnHour     7-8pm –  Networking hour for Lincoln
  • #BoltonHour     7-8pm –  Networking hour for Bolton
  • #StirlingHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Stirling
  • #CambsHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Cambridgeshire
  • #CardiffHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Cardiff
  • #CornwallHour     W 8-9pm –  Networking hour for Cornwall
  • #DevonHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Devon
  • #EastMidlandsHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for East Midlands
  • #MidlandsHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for the Midlands
  • #NorthWestHour      8- 9pm – Networking for the North West of England
  • #OxHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Oxfordshire
  • #SalisburyHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Salisbury
  • #StaffordshireHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Staffordshire
  • #WolverhamptonHour      8-9pm – Networking for Wolverhampton
  • #WrexhamHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Wrexham
  • #YorkBizHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for York
  • #YorkshireHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Yorkshire
  • #OxfordshireHour      8:30-9:30pm – Networking for Oxfordshire
  • #ShropshireHour      8:30-9:30pm – Networking hour for Shropshire
  • #ScotlandHour      9-10pm – Networking hour for Scotland
  • #IrishBizParty      9-11pm – Networking  for Irish businesses


  • #TeesTime      2-3pm – Networking for Teeside
  • #LoveLichfield     7-8pm –  Networking hour for Lichfield
  • #BarnsleyHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Barnsley
  • #BlackpoolHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Blackpool
  • #BradfordHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Bradford
  • #ChesterfieldHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Chesterfield
  • #DerbyshireHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Derbyshire
  • #EastAngliaHour       8-9pm – Networking hour for East Anglia
  • #HuddersfieldHour      8-9pm – Networking for Huddersfield
  • #HullHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Hull
  • #KirkleesHour      8-9pm – Networking for Kirklees
  • #LancashireHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Lancashire
  • #LeedsHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Leeds
  • #LiverpoolHour      8-9pm – Networking for Liverpool
  • #ManchesterHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Manchester
  • #NorthantsHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Northamptonshire
  • #NottsNatter      8-9pm – Networking hour for Nottingham
  • #NWalesHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for North Wales
  • #SheffieldHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Sheffield
  • #SomersetHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Somerset
  • #SouthWestHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for the South West of England
  • #SunderlandHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Sunderland
  • #WakefieldHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for Wakefield
  • #WarringtonHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for Warrington
  • #WirralHour     8-9pm – Networking hour for the Wirral
  • #YorkHour      8-9pm – Networking hour for York
  • #SussexHour     8:30-9:30pm – Networking hour for Sussex


  • #ClevelandHour      10-11am – Networking hour for Cleveland
  • #NewcastleHour     11am-12pm –  Networking hour for Newcastle
  • #YorkBizHour      11am-12pm – Networking hour for York
  • #CakeClubHour      3-4pm –  Generic networking hour
  • #NorthWestHour     9-10pm – Networking for the North West of England


  • #BrandYorkshire     Saturday 8-9pm – Networking hour for Yorkshire


  • #BrumHour     8-9pm –  Networking hour for Birmingham
  • #WalesHour     Sunday 8-9pm –  Networking for Wales

UK-wide generic hours


  • #UKBizLunch 12pm-1pm  – A lunchtime UK networking hour (lots of food pics)
  • #BizHour  Mon-Fri 2-3pm  – One of the biggest – a personal fave of ours.
  • #B2BHour  Everyday 3-4pm  – Business to business networking
  • #WomanInBiz  Mon-Fri 6-7pm – Networking for women only
  • #BiziTalk  24/7 – UK Networking for small businesses


  • #BizMumFollow      9am-9pm – All day networking for Mums
  • #DentistHour     6:30-7:30pm – Dental chat networking
  • #LateBookingHour     7-8pm – A place to showcase your hotel deals
  • #CoachingHour    8-9pm –  Networking for coaching businesses
  • #CreativeBizHour    8-9pm –  Networking for creative businesses
  • #MarketHour    8-9pm –  Networking for market businesses
  • #MondayMadness     8:30-9:30pm – UK Businesses
  • #TwitterBrothers      9-10pm – Networking for Men on Twitter
  • #MumpreneurHour      9-10pm – Networking hour for Mumpreneurs


  • #FashionHour     7-8pm – Fashion related chat
  • #SMEHourUK     7-8pm – Networking for UK Small Medium Enterprises
  • #SmallBizHour    9-10pm – Promoting UK small businesses
  • #BNIHour      9-10pm – BNI business Networking Hour
  • #4NHour      9-10pm – 4N business Networking Hour


  • #HRHour      11am-12pm – Networking hour for people in HR
  • #VolunteerHour     3-4pm – Networking for volunteer experiences and opportunities
  • #RecruitHour     7-8pm – Networking for recruitment businesses
  • #BuyBritishBrands 8:30-9:30pm – Networking for British brands
  • #WedChat 8:30-9:30pm – For wedding related businesses
  • #EventHour      9-10pm – Networking for event management businesses
  • #WeddingHour      9-10pm – For wedding related businesses


  • #TwitterSisters      8:30-9:30pm – Networking for women business
  • #UKHolidayHour      8:30-9:30pm – Networking hour for UK holiday businesses
  • #BNIHour     9-10pm – BNI business Networking Hour
  • #MumpreneurHour     9-10pm – Networking for entrepreneurial mums


  • #ConnectFriday     10-11am – General networking
  • #EcoHour     12-1pm – Eco-friendly business networking
  • #PartyBizHour    1-2pm – Networking hour for the party and fancy dress Industry
  • #GBHour      4-5pm – Great British Networking
  • #RetailHourTime      8-9pm –  Networking Hour for retail businesses


  • #SatChat      8-9:15am – Saturday Morning networking
  • #WeekendHour      11am-12pm –  Networkingfor UK businesses
  • #SatchatUK      6-7pm – Networking for UK businesses
  • #SpeedNetworking      6-7pm – Networking for UK businesses


  • #SBS 5-7:30pm – Networking event set up by Dragons Den’s @TheoPaphitis with weekly winners.
  • #PromotingWomen      7-8pm – Networking hour for women in business
  • #CraftHour      7-8pm – Networking hour for artists & crafters
  • #WomaninBiz      8-9pm – Networking hour for women in business
  • #EnglandHour     9-10pm – Networking for businesses in England

Food, Drink and Hospitality Networking Hours


  • #WineOClock      7-8pm
  • #DevonFoodHour      8-9pm


  • #TeaHour      7-8pm
  • #WineOClock     7-8pm
  • #FoodHour      8-9pm


  • #WineOClock      7-8pm


  • #WineOClock      6-7pm
  • #LadiesCoffeeHour      7-8pm
  • #CreamTeaHour      8-9pm
  • #VeganRecipeHour      8-9pm


  • #WineOClock      6-7pm



  • #LadiesCoffeeHour      7-8pm

This is by no means an exhaustive list and I’m sure that loads have been missed off. Please comment if there are any that should be added.


  1. Neil says:

    These are all great…thank you for the lists…but does anyone ever do any actual business during these #hours?

    • Not much to be fair Neil. More general chit chat – but that’s how relationships are formed.

    • When you say, “Does anyone do any business” do you mean “does money change hands?”

      Tweetchats are not for selling in although people do try that. Think of it more as having a beer and a chat (or a coffee if you prefer).

      These hours are conversational, educational, and without question can add to your bottom if and only if you contribute to the discussions. People getting to know, like and trust you precedes any transactions.

      If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to suggest that “trust” is an economy consisting of what I would regard as a social currency. While there’s no money up front, it’s more of an opportunity to rub shoulders with people who might be able to help your business grow not via sales but with things like linking to your website from theirs, subscribing to your newsletter, retweeting you, amplifying you etc.

      I’ve met with local people and forged business relationships as a result of these tweet chats.

      I host #SmallBizHour and would encourage you to participate.

  2. Chris Bourne says:

    Useful list, thank you for taking the time to create it

  3. Darren says:

    Appreciate that you added #SmallBizHour to this list. We have a great discussion every Tuesday and are putting together an audio podcast.

  4. Sheryl says:

    Scott, this list is amazing – great for making connections!!!! Thanks for taking the time to pull this together 🙂

  5. Lesley Crowe says:

    Great, thanks Scott. The relevant ones are now in my diary 🙂 Highly recommend the #SBS on Sundays, with the opportunity of meeting Theo in person for all the winners

  6. Craft Hour says:

    #CraftHour happens every Sunday 7pm-8pm UK time. It’s a very lively event that often trends in the UK. We welcome artists & crafters, customers, bloggers, suppliers of craft materials & service providers that would be of use to creative industries too, there’s always lots to see!

  7. Nerys says:

    There’s a Welsh language one on a Wednesday 8pm-9pm. Yr awr Gymraeg (The Welsh hour) #yagym

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